Ionic framework demo - where are photos stored?

I am going through the ionic framework demo, and I don’t understand how to find the selfies that I have taken and that it displays?

This is the code segment that contains the information about storing and retrieving the files TIA

key: this.PHOTO_STORAGE,
value: JSON.stringify(,

public async loadSaved() {
// Retrieve cached photo array data
const photoList = await Preferences.get({ key: this.PHOTO_STORAGE }); = JSON.parse(photoList.value) || ;

// Display the photo by reading into base64 format
for (let photo of {
// Read each saved photo’s data from the Filesystem
const readFile = await Filesystem.readFile({
path: photo.filepath,
directory: Directory.Data,

// Web platform only: Load the photo as base64 data
photo.webviewPath = data:image/jpeg;base64,${};