Ionic form format changing from floating to rectangular box

I created a login form using ionic4 which yields me a floating text row to enter the login credentials. below is the code.

<ion-title class="ion-text-center" >Login</ion-title>
  <ion-label position="floating" >Email Id</ion-label>
  <ion-input type="text" ></ion-input>

  <ion-label position="floating" >Password</ion-label>
  <ion-input type="password" ></ion-input>
<ion-text color="tertiary"><h6>Forgot Password?</h6></ion-text>

<div class="login-btn">
    <ion-button class="login-button" expand="full">Login</ion-button>

I want the rectangular input box in the form instead of floating text row.
I want the ionic4 login form similar to the form in the image. I tried searching online but didn’t find any resolution.

It sounds like you are wanting to use the placeholder property of ion-input. Is that right?

yes place holder, but rectangular input fields i required.