Ionic for a cognitive testing app?

Hi everyone,

So, as part of a university we’re looking at creating an application with ionic which will serve to act as a cognitive test of patients with neurodegeneration.

The tests will work at looking at the reaction-times and how long patients might take to press a button. For example: showing them a red square and asking them to select the color of the square. Or, tapping a circle at a set pulse so we can see if the patient can maintain that pulse.

Taking the correct timing is quite critical.

I’ve heard that frameworks such as phonegame and ionic can be slow at times although amazing improvements have been made to ionic. So I have two questions:

  1. Would ionic be able to take accurate reaction times?
  2. If an update speeds up the framework could this affect the time taken for a person’s reaction time?

Thankyou :).

For the kind of reaction times you are looking for Ionic should be more than fast enough. Have a look at the following links, one of them is directly related to what your planning.



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