Ionic first time app is not working without network

I am build my .apk file and run on device without any network it show white screen.
But if i install my apk with network connection and after that it works on without network.
How can it possible without network to install apk and it run successfully.

Thanks in advance.

How are you using navigator.connection.type ? on app run ?

My app is running in offline mode if internet is not available. so when i build my .apk file and install it without any network it shows my white page.

same case when i install it with network first time and after that when app is run successfully then i close my app and stop my wifi and other network connections it working properly.

So my question is how can i install my app without internet.

I had the exact same issue. In my case i was using navigator.connection.type like

.factory('Network', function(){
    var network = navigator.connection.type; // this was causing the same issue

but then i changed to this

.factory('Network', function(){
   var getNetwork = function(){
      return navigator.connection.type; 

and the problem was solved.

I am checking in every controller my network state.
The problem is on first time when i install my .apk without wifi connection its show me white page rather than login page.

How are you checking network state in controller ? Can you provide code ?