Ionic & Firebase + Best Practice accessing data which might not exist?

I’ve chosen to use Firebase as a simple means to handle authentication and store my over-the-air data… but I’m running into an issue (occasionally).

I’m using angularFire, so whenever I access data I have the ability to get a $firebaseObject, $firebaseArray or null.

The null part is what catches me off guard… None of the tutorials or demos I see go through how to handle the null aspect of the request… they just go ahead and bind the data to $scope or check if it’s $loaded() all things which wont work with null; and then this cascades into other issues surfacing and potentially just white/empty views.

So how, or what, is the best way to access data from Firebase that might not be there?

I’m not sure exactly what your question is, but I think it’s regarding dealing with async data. The problem is it’s null because the data hasn’t been returned yet. Do a little experiment, set a timeout for 3-5 secs and check if the value is there using console.log. It should be at that point.

To fix it, you’ve got to use promises. Check out Also remember if you’re using a series of queries you’ve got to chain your promises otherwise a val you need won’t be there. The angular docs on $q kinda suck, but here’s a link$q.