Ionic Facebook Login and User Profile Data App


I’m trying to create Ionic Facebook Login and User Profile Data. I’ve registered app on where I got 16-digits number ID: MyAppID, Display Name: MyAppName and Namespace, which is myAppNs

in Command Prompt to Ionic app directory:

npm install --save @ionic-native/facebook


ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-facebook4 --variable APP_ID=“MyAppID” --variable APP_NAME=" MyAppName"

As it is shown here my config.xml by default:

<widget id="io.ionic.starter" version="0.0.1" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">

Added in Google Play Package Name and Bundle ID as com.mycompany.myappname and changed in config.xml to:

 <widget id="com.mycompany.myappname" version="0.0.1" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">

In com.mycompany.myappname, for mycompany I used name, which is used only in this string in Google Play Package Name and Bundle ID, and myappname now is a same name as Display Name, also I’ve tried with different name, but this does not solves the problem.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, main error in Command Prompt is:

[ERROR] An error occurred while running cordova plugin add
corodva-plugin-facebook4 --variable APP_ID=MYID
-… (exit code 1).

In terminal :

Error: registry returnd 404 for get on

and with load:

ionic serve -w myapp


Error: Uncaught (in promise): cordova_not_available

I’ve also tried:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-facebook4 --save

In terminal:

Error: Filed to fetch plugin git+ via registry
Probably this is either a connection problem, or plugin spec is incorrect.
Check your connection and plugin name/version/URL.
Failed to get absolute path to installed module


corodva -v


Advice would be helpful