Ionic emulator command not being acknoledged

This is an app that I cloned from a github repo and initialized ionic on by CDing into the unzipped folder and running the following command to initialize ionic: ‘ionic start myapp --no-overwriting’

When attempting to emulate this existing project using ‘ionic emulate ios’ in the terminal I receive the response below as if the command is being completely ignored. Any idea as to what would cause this? Is there a more proper way to setup and work on an existing ionic project?

$ ionic emulate ios
Running command: /Users/user/Desktop/myapp/myappfolder/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js /Users/user/Desktop/myapp/myappfolder
add to body class: platform-ios
Running command: /Users/user/Desktop/myapp/myappfolder/hooks/after_prepare/020_remove_sass_from_platforms.js /Users/user/Desktop/myapp/myappfolder
will push strings array {“name”:“lang”,“titles”:[“English (US)”,“English (UK)”],“values”:[“en-us”,“en-gb”]}
android preferences file was successfully generated