Ionic emulator builds are fast but deployment to the emulator takes upwards of 5 minutes

As per the title:

I run ionic cordova emulate ios and it builds quite quickly but then takes more than 5 minutes to deploy to the emulator?

How new is your computer? The emulators can be slow, but it mainly depends on the power/speed of your computer rather then anything specific with the emulator.

I’m using a late 2014 MacBook.

I would have thought the build would have been slow and not the deployment if the computer was slow?

Well when you launch the emulator it takes a good chunk of power to get it started. For some computers there can be a decent wait there, which is why the CLI has the warning that it does as the emulator is booting up.

The build is definitely the faster part, that’s normal. Emulation is much harder, it’s setting up simulated hardware and booting up an entire new OS inside your computer - that’s far more resource intensive.

The boot up time of the simulator is not the issue. It actually boots up pretty fast. The Ionic build is also fast.

My issue is that it says Deploying to device... for upwards of 5 minutes.