"$ ionic emulate ios" fails when creating "sidemenu" ready-made app template project


I’ve gone through all the steps of installing Ionic, starting the pre-made template project, and when I get to the command ionic emulate ios, it crashes with the error below:

(Mouse over the image to reveal an expand handle, to view in full size.) Here’s a closer look:

The exit code is 133, and it dies from a Trace/BPT Trap 5 on line 158 of run, when it’s run from myproject/platforms/ios/cordova/run.

My ios-sim version is 1.9.0, Cordova version is 3.5.0-0.2.4, Node is 0.10.28. The build was completed with no errors; it’s only when it’s started that it dies. I made sure all the folders had read/write permissions assigned to me. All the npm installs were done with sudo — i don’t know if that would have any bearing on anything.

I also did a cordova platform update ios, and a fresh install of ios-sim via npm install -g ios-sim. And searching the Web and the Forum here didn’t reveal this problem or a solution to it.

Any ideas on what the problem could be and how to fix it?

Thank you!


Just making sure, this was done via sudo npm... correct?

I’ve never see anything like this before, but it does seem like it’s a cordova issue. Can you try a frsh install of cordova?


Yes, definitely done via sudo npm... - for all the steps. In fact I was a bit concerned whether that was the problem’s source, whether I’d have been better off not to be sudo — if that were even an available option given what’s being installed, by whom, and where.

Yep, did that too: cordova platform update ios. Would this qualify as a “fresh install”, or should I remove the existing Cordova completely and re-install as if a new install?

Thank you.