Ionic Emulate Broken After SDK Update

Hi Everyone,

I was doing some work on an Ionic 1 project when I was prompted by Android Studio to update the IDE and SDK. Unfortunately, once the update had completed, upon running ionic emulate, I was presented with this screen:

ionic emulate was working up to this point and broke following the update. I immediately checked my $ANDROID_HOME env variable and found this:

Which was being exported in my .bash_profile:

I then went to make sure that the files were indeed at that location so I navigated there and listed:
Finally, I went into Android Studio itself to see what APIs I had installed and found no problems:


I’m out of ideas right now, why can’t it find the Android SDK? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both Android Studio and the SDK several times, making sure it was in the right place with the environment variables set. I even added the sdk tools to my $PATH and can call things like adb from the command line, so I’m really confused as to what is the problem here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.