Ionic / Drupal App not updating the <ion-view> content after first run


I am building a native App with data coming from Drupal. It is based on this amazing tutorial.

What happens is that the site articles are listed and when you click any article, it shows the details.

The problem is that when any first article is clicked, it shows its details, but when we go back to the list and click any other article, it never refreshes. It keeps on showing the first article that was clicked the first time.

This issue is happening on their tutorial too. The demo of the app is here.

You can click on the second button in the footer and click any article. Come back and try clicking another. You’ll see it keeps on showing the first article.

I’ll be grateful if you could assist.


This Ionic Drupal Demo is working great!

Its based on htis library => ng-drupal-7-services

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Thanks a lot! It helped tremendously.


You should star it! :wink:

you mean like?

I don’t see any star thing

I mean the Github repo…