Ionic Developer Wanted

We are Motoroso - The Market Network for Automotive and Powersports Enthusiasts. We’re a distributed team between Silicon Valley and San Diego. We’re a proud part of the Techstars family, graduating Sept ‘15. Read on if you love cars, mobile tech and are available for contract work.

We’re looking for a developer to clean up our mobile web app. If the ionic framework is what drives you and you have experience reskinning mobile sites, we want you!


We have a mobile web app. Check out desktop at, and mobile at You’ll notice a big difference between the mobile and desktop experiences. We have new designs ready to go, and we need someone that knows the ionic framework and can help transition what we have now to our new designs. It’s a big plus if you’re also good at web app design, but if you’re strictly technical, that’s okay. Motoroso needs someone to update the mobile app:

  • Front-end Development of all user facing pages (which you can see
    today) up to new designs defined by Motoroso. Input welcomed.
  • QA & Test entire app
  • Launch
  • Potentially also push through PhoneGap or Cordova to iPhone and
    Android app stores. TBD

If you’re up to the task, please contact us at Someone will be in touch about any questions you may have, give you a project timeline and discuss rates.

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