Ionic DevApp Native Audio API Support

I’ve gone thru the setup guide to configure GIT and push my App to Ionic Pro in order to test it using Ionic DevApp. I’ve completed that process and now when I run my app in DevApp, none of the ionic-native NativeAudio API calls are working. The ionic-native Media calls are still working with no problems.

I am currently using Ionic CLI 3.18.0 to build the app, and both the NativeAudio as well as the Media APIs are working perfectly when I run a build in XCode.

I’ve confirmed that I am using the platform.ready() calls before performing any calls to the NativeAudio API as recommended in the documentation for Ionic Pro. Ionic Pro docs also indicate that it supports version “cordova-plugin-nativeaudio 3.0.9 “Cordova Native Audio”” and according to my package.json I have the same version installed.

Has anyone seen an issue with this? I would like to get this to where it is working in the same fashion as in the simulator so I can share this with Ionic Pro DevApp to a group of testers and professionals that can give me feedback. Thanks