Ionic DevApp Feedback Mega-thread


In addition to typing in the ip address and port manually, DevApp should include a way to point the camera at your screen and connect. (Obviously, I’m having problems getting with the auto-discovery… using iOS, home WiFi, Mac)



I can’t find my App in the DevApp too. When i connect the laptop with my mobile hotspot everything worked fine, but in my office wlan it doesn’t. I tried to add a rule to inbound rules of windows-firewall, but this doesn’t work either.
Entering the Address manually causes a long white screen and then a “Failed to load” Error.
Any Ideas?^^


Did anybody observe, that when you make a Ionic4 & Angular6 Project, that the devApp is starting fine, but it returns a error regarding the vendor.js. The error is “use of const in strict mode”.
Maybe somebody got an answer?

To reproduce start a project ionic and angular6 project from scratch.

Then try to run on devapp.



where? I have similar issue. can you help me out?


I have similar issue. It’s not my own web services. I can not modify that. so, is there any way to solve this problem


You will have to add your local API to your backend API CORS configuration as an allowed origin. I was using php with Laravel and they had a CORS package to configure it. If you are using other languages it should have something similiar

Outlook til iOS


Please add following preference to the config.xml

<preference name="AllowInlineMediaPlayback" value="true" />

In my use case, my app is using HTML5 <video> Tag and on IOS Devices the Video will always play’s in Fullscreen without this setting.


Hi, the remote devices from Chrome console is still unavailable with Ionic DevApp ?



App freeze after starting on network check … dont know how I can retrieve some logs or something to forward @ionicteam to help


Cordova plugin not working in ionic DevApp. I have installed this plugin … it is working fine when build but not with ionic serve -c and see in the DevApp

It’s giving below error in console -

[app-scripts] [00:51:38]  console.warn: Ionic Native: tried calling ImagePicker.getPictures, but the ImagePicker plugin is not 
[app-scripts]             installed. 
[app-scripts] [00:51:38]  console.warn: Install the ImagePicker plugin: 'ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-telerik-imagepicker'