Ionic DevApp Feedback Mega-thread

@Sujan12 It just sits there and loads but I need to try on another network at the end of the day. @max I am on a corporate network but when I first started testing DevApp a few weeks ago I was using my personal network. Today I tested on our guest corporate network which doesn’t usually cause problems, but I think it might be causing problems now.

As for the network I initially tested, it is a college owned network. I’ve never had issues using it with ionic, but could it be causing the issue as well?

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Yep, corporate and “shared” networks like campus networks tend to not allow connections between networked machines. You should try on a normal home network - these tend to be more open. Also see if you can check any boxes in your OS network settings for the network you are in, often this can also be configured.

Ah. That’s unfortunate. Thanks for clearing things up.

Just figured out that a simple javascript alert is not working on iOS and crashes the complete DevApp, Android it does.

alert("this is my function");

Anyone else seeing this?

I have the same issue, I am able to open the external link, but i cannot use devApp to see it in both Android and iOS, what else can i try? I followed all the instructions and watched ionic docs videos.

Im confused, why don’t you use AlertController

Thanks for this ingenious app! Basically a big help, but:

  • On iPhone (SE) flawless
  • on Android (Nexus 5X) often white screen or incomplete refresh after a change.

I have noticed that only when the alert is set to spawn immediately on ionViewDidLoad

Hi, Amazing work.
I have used JavaScript SDK to display map.
It’s working on the browser but when I open it on dev app, the page shows the blank page.

I suggest to upgrade cordova-plugin-music-controls plugin to 2.1.4 (now is 2.0.0)

Ionic DevApp:

Error reported in component template:

err.code: 1
err.message: Only secure origins are allowed (See

"@ionic-native/geolocation": “4.5.2”,
“cordova-plugin-geolocation”: “2.4.3”,

The Geolocation plugin fails and returns an error code 1 (Only secure origins are allowed) instead of position coordinates.

Works as expected on localhost.

Other system stats:
"@angular/common": “4.4.4”,
"@angular/compiler": “4.4.4”,
"@angular/compiler-cli": “4.4.4”,
"@angular/core": “4.4.4”,
"@angular/forms": “4.4.4”,
"@angular/http": “4.4.4”,
"@angular/platform-browser": “4.4.4”,
"@angular/platform-browser-dynamic": “4.4.4”,
"@ionic-native/core": “4.5.2”,

“devDependencies”: {
"@ionic/app-scripts": “3.1.6”,
“typescript”: “~2.3.4”

Great job on devapp guys. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of people not being able to get deviceready not firing. Details here: Deviceready event not firing in Android DevApp (deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds)


Same issue over here. deviceready does not get called on my android device (Galaxy S5) when running through the devapp, but all works well iOS devices or running on device natively.


Hi Yasir,

I was getting the same error. On my windows pc I disabled the firewall. After that my app opened successfully. In windows firewall you can allow certain apps, but I have no idea what to allow. Hope it helps you.

I figured out how without disabling the firewall.

  1. Open Windows Defender Firewall
  2. Click on Advanced Settings
  3. Click on Inbound Rules
  4. Find Node.js: Server-side JavaScript in the list. I had two entries for Private and two entries for Public
  5. Double click each “Node.js: Server-side JavaScript” Public entries and in the general tab there will be an Action section. Click “Allow the Connection”

Hope this helps

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When will cordova-plugin-streaming-media be supported?

Really like DevApp and have incorporated it into my workflow once I get to native plugins.

Would really like the ability to debug the apps using IDEs (I use Webstorm).

Just hit a bug and not sure how I’m going to debug it yet as I suspect it’s a memory issue and the DevApp just crashes (auto closes on iOS). I’m trying to figure out how to see memory being consumed as I’m loading a large list and think it might be the issue (but it’s inconsistent and works about 80% of the time).

Great approach for rapid dev testing, I really like it.

I have two plugin wishes:

This would make development even easier :slight_smile:

Besides that it would be great to have a configurable network timeout setting and a recent history of connected IPs, so I don’t have to type it in every time.

Same issue here, can’t fire the eventready


Its a great tool and saves alot of time, I note it has a lot of plugins. However can I ask for one more to be added the iBeaon plugin as I can’t create an app to talk to beacons without it. If I can’t use IONIC for this app I’ll have to go native ,yuk.

Thank you

@Damiant same here. DevApp does not currently have the Video Editor plugin that I would like to use.

@Tommertom Nice work on putting together altDevApp. I would like to collaborate on taking it a step further with web inspector capabilities like AppBuilder or WEINRE… will branch and experiment a bit.