Ionic Dev Needed - Freelance - Remote OK

I am currently creating an mobile application in Ionic. I have created the majority of what I want it too look like however I need someone who knows how to make it work. Please review the list below. These are my basic needs but might also be some additional needs.

Add code that allows user to access camera roll/take pictures with apple and android and store them in the app.

Create collage images including adding text, images and information from the user’s forms inputs and pictures. There will be 3-5 different collages that need created.

Allow users to choose a template form, modify form or create blank form. Including reordering forms, changing form titles and type of input.

Take user data and save to database.

Take user data and save to list and display in variety of views. List, detail, image.

Allow users to sort form input by form values.

Views: Make all the pages viewable. I have/or will create them but need them coded to be able to be viewed.

Log in Auth: Create log in allowing for facebook, google or sign up.

Contact: I would like a way to receive information from users. On questions or suggestions.

Please provide answers to the following questions.

Approximately how long it would take to complete the above request?

Are you interested in pay, barter (my degree is in graphic design and I currently run a marketing department) or partnering? I do not have a preference, happy to pay or trade.

Where are you what country/city are you located in?

I look forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have additional questions.

Hello @Redphoenixfire,

Can you please confirm version of Ionic framework you have used?

You can see more work on

Meanwhile, I am reviewing the work in more detail and send you the email in few hours.

Skype: manish.osuniverse

Hello @Redphoenixfire,

We are a team of 25+ Ionic developers and will be comfortable to assist you with your requirement remotely.

Please share the project details at Skype anil-daffodil

I can surely help you with the same, it would be great if you can ping me on my skype so taht we can discuss it ahead.
my Skype id: cis.am2

Thank you everyone for your fast replies!

I see from all the questions I have some additional information I need to provide. I’m working to get that together and will be in touch.

Again thank you so much for your fast replies!


Hello Everyone,

Again thank you so much for your replies to my post.

I have attached a PDF that shows the App pages that I have designed with comments and arrows explaining what I need someone to make it do. The data and images are place holders.

I would very much like to spend an hour with whoever creates this having them explain to me what/where/how with the code they write. I would obviously pay you for this time. If you are willing to do this please include this in your estimate.

I would also like to see the app as you work on/complete specific sections. I want to make sure that my instructions are clear.

I have had several question about an Admin Panel or an API and I honestly don’t know. I look forward to discussing this with you each. I will want to be able to see what people doings/saving in the app for the purposes of selling the information and finding people who want to advertise on the app.

I will also need a paid and free version the free version with limits on the app.

The App will need to be published for android and Apple.

If your skill sets are able complete all of the required tasks and you are still interested in the project please complete the google form. I apologize for asking for this information again when some of you have already provided much of it.

I replied on your PM.

This is on hold for now. Thank you all for your replies. I will keep your contact information.