Ionic Deploy - net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND


Windows 7 64bit
Cordova 5.0.0
Ionic 1.5.5
Google Nexus 5 - Android 5.1.1

I’ve just attempted to install an update via Ionic Deploy and I get the following at around the 50% progress mark. If I close the app and try again, the error message shows up straight away. If I clear the app cache and try again I get to around the 50% mark again but then get the same error. Uninstalling the app and starting again produces the same error.

This has worked fine before, though I recall I had different issues (where the update wouldn’t actually progress) around the same time of day last week (Thursday 17:00 BST)

Just thought I’d let you know!


For what it’s worth, still getting the same first thing Friday morning.

Would you be able to post this to our gitter chat for the IO services?

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I’ve been working with a team on an ionic app for months. We’ve never seen this issue and now it’s happening a day before launch.

Please, what can I do to make sure this doesn’t happen on the app? I have less than 24 hours to come up with a solution. Can I disable code push from the server since my app is already approved in stores?

Note: this appears to only be effecting android.

Hi mhartington, sorry didn’t see you had responded, will get that posted.

from gitter I found out this is a known issue with updatesd in ionic cli 1.5.4 and downgrading to 1.5.0 fixed the issue.

Just read your conversation on gitter @jacksonkr_ thanks for that

The downgrade process is

npm install -g ionic@1.5.0
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