Ionic Deploy installation limitations

I have fallen in love with Ionic deploy, and dred the days I may have to go back to the apple store to beg my way back in.

But I am not sure what my limits are. For example: Can I install new plugins and expect to have them in place, or will that crash everything and suddenly I’ll be out of commission for days while I wait for Apple’s “experts” to look at the app?

What if I redo the 3.0.1 app in Ionic 4? Will everything be jacked up?

What about a new npm install? will that throw things off?

I’d really like to play around with Appflow and Pro, but I’m terrified of blowing up things and getting fired for having the system go down because I was “curious”.

I can’t find anywhere that has a list of “don’t do this” with the deploy options. Does anyone have any ideas?



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