Ionic Deep Linking not working in tab view

I am facing DEEP link issue in ionic 3 development.
Our app pages are build with tabbed interface. So that DEEP link is not working this architecture i.e the main issue is the tabs are not visible in the page when app is opened with deep link. I am using ionic native deep link plugin . I have also tried branch deep link solution but even that is also showing same issue.

In my research, I have identified that the page which we referring to open is getting pushed out of the ‘tab view’. See the blue marked ionic page (our pushed page) below, we believe that if we can push the page under ionic tab nodes would resolve the issue.

Have any one of you come across these kind of issue with ionic 3 development ? and any solution to resolve this issue would always be appreciated. Thank You.


Deep Link Implementation Code Snippet

The Ionic deep linking plugin from Ionic is deprecated

Hi chetan1611, reedrichards

Thanks for your replay…

Hi Chetan I had tried the first solution using Ionic Deep link plugin unfortunately it’s not working as i expected.

The page was redirected correctly. But my issue is “the tabs are not visible in the page when app is opened with deep link”. Like i explained above when i had inspected the html the page was getting pushed outside the tab view. Please help me to resolve this issue…

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