Ionic d-pad compatibility

Hi all. Very new to Ionic here and just managed yesterday to convert a front-end only React-based project (that was originally spit out of Anima/Figma) into an Ionic React one that can run on a real Android TV or an emulator.

That was a process in of itself and I was quite proud of myself for making it that far.

Now I’m at another crossroads here… the end goal of my application is a user experience that can be controlled through a d-pad remote on an Android TV and I’m wondering if an Ionic React project has any libraries or plugins that would make that possible…

I’ll take any information I can get here

I don’t know about the d-pad specifically, but I’d try asking in the Capacitor forum too.

In Ionic React, most hardware features are handled by Capacitor plugins, and then you just interact with the capacitor plugin via react.

It’s done this way so that people using all the different versions of Ionic-- Angular, React, and Vue-- can share as much hardware-related code as possible.

Excellent idea. I’ll check them out. Thanks!