Ionic Creator / Search Button, I couldn't search anything

Hi everyone, I’m newbie for Ionic v1. I created an app (sidemenu) on Ioniccreator. However, I couldn’t add any list which will be searched. I tried some research but couldn’t find what I want. as i said I’m newbie and I’m sharing the view of that page.


The code in this page is;

<ion-view title="Haritalar" id="page2">
  <ion-content padding="true" class="has-header">
    <creator-map-component options="{}" marker="true" location="Madison Capital" zoom="12" style="display:block;position:relative;width:100%;height:300px;">
      <ui-gmap-google-map ng-if="" center="" zoom="map.zoom" options="map.options">
        <ui-gmap-marker coords="map.marker.coords" idkey="" options="map.marker.options"></ui-gmap-marker>
    <form id="haritalar-form4" class="list">
      <label class="item item-input" id="haritalar-search3">
        <i class="icon ion-search placeholder-icon"></i>
        <input type="search" placeholder="Servis hatları için aratınız">
    <button id="haritalar-button6" class="button button-positive button-block">Servisi Bul !</button>

So what i want ?
I want to do search from list. after i find by typing, I want to click "Servisi Bul! and new page will be shown. What must i do ? Can you help me ? Thank you for help.

I found this. However, its look like that;

I think I couldnt get modified controller.
Again thank you for your help.