Ionic creator - project out of date issues


I have a v1 project in Creator. This afternoon I am consistently getting “Project Out of Date” error and asked to reload during saving changes. Performance is very slow at the moment. Is my project corrupt ?


Happening for me too. It was fine this morning. Any news on this?
I have opened a support ticket, awaiting response.

I think the issue was the size of one of my modules in the project. I am mocking up a service to display a PDF file using cordova file and file opener plugins using base64 data stored in a local database (SQL lite). For mocking, I had pasted the base64 encoded data for this file into the code editor and that caused all sorts of performance issues. Changed this to a URL to the PDF located elsewhere and it seems to be running better, although I do get “Project out of date” messages intermittently.

So far my project is HTML pages with text and images only. Is there a page number limit?

I have 16 pages so far and have not run into a page limit. Although not sure why large js files cause Creator to stop saving with out of date errors. Must be a time-out issue.