Ionic creator index.html not updating


When i create a project in ionic creator, the resulting exported project has a default index.html such as blank starter project. The pages I added on the creator are visible under the templates directory but when i do ‘ionic serve’ the blank project index.html is served up.

Just starting out, appreciate any help. Thanks

Index.html will always be there. Your pages are supposed to be in the
templates directory. What’s probably happening is that the app is not
routing to your default page via route.js. This is likely because you did
not set the default page in creator. There is a small pin icon to the right
of the pages listed in creator. You need to ‘pin’ your default page.

Hey, Thanks for reply. tried setting the login page as default page by enabling the pin but didn’t help. After I export the project using CLI and do ionic serve I get ‘Blank Starter project’ and when i look inside index.html it just contains some default blank project stuff. When I export via zip I get different index.html but in both cases they don’t contain any code relevant to the pages I designed in creator. I imagine it should contain the routing code. I can see my pages in templates directory which is fine but have to manually add routing code to index.html to serve them up??


have. The routing is done by ‘route.js’ file which can be found in the ‘js’
subdirectory when you export as zip. Have a look into your roue.js file to
see what it says. The
"$urlRouterProvider.otherwise(’/someDefaultPageURL…’) should be at the
bottom. The pages you created are all in the ‘templates’ subdirectory. I
suspect you didn’t copy the relevant files from the creator zip export into
your CLI ionic directory.


These are the steps i took.

  1. Login to creator and create login template setting the default pin to the login page and Saving

  2. Open windows cmd prompt and run
    "ionic start myTodoApp creator:7c34bc7eebf9"
    To checkout projectfrom creator

  3. Run “ionic serve” inside project dir on cmd line
    Observe blank starter project page on browser

  4. Open project folder in editor. See blank starter project index.html and see my login page under templates folder.

I’ll check routes.js his eve when I’m home.


Hi Friend,

When you run the ionic server, the ‘index.html’ page in www folder is being replaced by ‘projectFolder/src/index.html’ file.

So, replace the ‘projectFolder/src/index.html’ file with the one generated using ionic creator.