Ionic Creator build - NG-SHOW, NG-IF not working

I have an app that works great inside of the creator, and for the most part fine when packaged. However I have found that NG-SHOW, and NG-IF do not function once the app is packages and run on an Android device

Here is a sample field inside the form reportDelay

 <label class="item item-input" name="location">

  <span ng-show="reportDelay.location.$invalid && reportDelay.location.$dirty && reportDelay.location" class="label-error"># Character CRS or Station Name.</span>

    <i class="icon ion-map placeholder-icon"></i>
    <span class="input-label">Delay Location *</span>
    <input required="" name="location" type="text" placeholder="i.e RDG" ng-model="data.location" ng-minlength="3">

when I run the app in CREATOR this field is error free, as soon as I start typing the error appears, and once validation is passed (at least three characters) the error disappears again

However in the app itself once packaged, the validation is working fine, but the error message never appears. I have tried both NG-SHOW and NG-IF

I have heard that altering meta data is an option or an alteration to the cordova-whitelist plugin, but ideally I would like to use the full functionality of the creator. Any tips?