Ionic Creator: All Slider pages are not showing on the Build screen


Hey guys,

I am using Ionic Creator to make a prototype of my first app. I used a Slider with four slides (slide 1 to 4), but only Slide 1 can be seen on the Build screen. If I click on Slide 2 (or 3 and 4), the Build screen is non-responsive.

I first thought that it was due to my browser, but I’m getting the same result on all major browsers. Initially, everything was working perfectly.

In the Pages’ menu, the Slider page looks like this:

Page 9
--------slide 1
--------slide 2
--------slide 3
--------slide 4

Only Slide 1 is responsive i.e. can be seen on the Build screen.

I would appreciate any help.

Also, does Ionic Framework has a customer representative phone number or email?

Thank you!