@ionic/core@0.0.2-20 (stencil) on Adobe Experience Manager


I’ve been playing a bit with the web components you have already in the early version and I think the set you have there is a very powerful tool. I’m trying to use it in Adobe Experience Manager but I couldn’t make it work.

I can see in the console ionic.eng0ita3.js is missing so I think I need to do some kind of build and add it to the list of files globally loaded in the CMS. But I’m not sure how I can do the build with the current code in unpkg.com .

I’ve been trying to follow the readme but I’m stuck in the step 3,

3. Run npm install

npm install
cd packages/core
npm install

I can’t see any packages folder after the first ‘npm install’.

If I use @ionic/core@0.0.2-20 in Stencil everything works and I can see different dependencies loading from the build.

If anybody else is trying something like this any tip would be awesome.