Ionic/cordova rebuilding everything every build



We’re encountered a problem where ionic/cordova build ios is now recompiling everything each time we do a simple build.

This means we have moved from around 10 secs for each build to over two mins as it recompiles every C file in every plugin. I could post logs but 10,000 lines of successful compilation doesn’t help anyone.

The changes we have made (and there are always some) are we have created a new version of our code using a new Apple Bundle Id. We have also changed the name of this version of our app from “Jambuster” to “Jambuster BT”. After spending most of yesterday playing about with the vile mess that is Apple’s certificates we have finally managed to get a build with the new app.

To get the new name to stick in config.xml we had to do

cordova platform rm ios

change the App name to “Jambuster BT”

cordova platform add ios

cordova build ios

After more messing around with Apples provisioning profiles we have a build that works and we can download it for testing to a phone.

However now, we have a massive compile time. We change one Javascript file and every C file gets recompiled. We have seen this before, but none of us can remember how we fixed it.

We have removed DerivedData, we have cleaned the build folder using normal Xcode clean AND adding the shift key to clean the folder.

We have also run platforms/ios/corodova/clean

We’ve removed and added the ios platform.

We’ve removed the ios platform, changed the app name from “Jambuster BT” to “JambusterBT” (note the lack of space), then added the IOS platform back in in case it didn’t like spaces in the name.

We’ve copied and created a new version of the app and just incremented the version number.

We’re just about to completely rebuild a new version of the app starting from scratch which we really, really, really don’t want to do.

We have not upgraded cordova or Ionic.

cordova -v

cordova platforms
Installed platforms:
android 5.2.2
ios 4.3.1

ionic -v

If we go the copy of the old directory which holds the app, then the build process works as normal.

Google has not helped us.

Any suggestions gratefully received.



(Cross posted to cordova mail group as well)