Ionic/Cordova Plugin to integrate with Pulsate


We have an existing Ionic/AngularJS App which we would like to integrate with the Pulsate SDK. Details on Pulsate are here: They have details on integrating with a native ios/android app but we use Ionic. Pulsate support suggests the best approach is to create a Cordova plugin.

NOTE: this project is NOT to integrate Pulsate with our App; it is simply to create the Cordova plugin.

We are using Cordova 4.x


Some useful development info:

To apply for this please email experience and quote to


Hello @Liquidcms

Please check your mail Robert


BTW… Plugin must support both iOS and Android.


This has been done. Thanks to all those who contacted us.


hello Peter,

Can you please share the Pulsate cordova plugin with us?


It is unlikely my client will fund any additional support on the plugin (unless they need it done); but they might be open to the idea of releasing it to the public. I will ask them and post here a link to GitHub repo if we they say it is ok.


I have changed our Pulsate plugin to be Public: