Ionic/cordova plugin installation errors

I am new to ionic and git. In my application i am trying to install plugins. But I am keep getting this error for all plugins

C:\Users\user\Desktop\share>cordova plugin add Fetching plugin “” via git clone
Repository “” checked out to git ref “master”

what exactly is this error? I am getting same error for other plugins as well.

use following command to add this plugin

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-image-picker

not only this plugin…I am getting error for all plugins. and I want to know what that error meant?

Plugin addition information is given in the plugin page. Read the Instruction before adding any plugin. In case still has issue post the plugin name her I will provide you the command required for installing the plugin

What error? You only posted a normal installation output of a plugin…

i thought that was the error because thats what i am getting and plugins folder is empty

install git first in your pc …and then fire command