Ionic cordova ios build failed /CDVUIWebViewDelegate.h' file not found

I am trying to build ios but everytime i run the command or generate it through xcode i get the following below error . Please help me . i am really in urgent need of help to publish this app.

#ifdef __CORDOVA_4_0_0
    #import <Cordova/CDVUIWebViewDelegate.h>
    #import <Cordova/CDVWebViewDelegate.h>

Cordova/CDVUIWebViewDelegate.h’ file not found

Please let me know the solution at the earliest . Your help would be much appreciated

I totally agree with the criticism of your inclusion of claims of urgency that got your identical StackOverflow posting of this question downvoted, so I’m not terribly motivated to do much here in the first place, but anybody trying to help you would probably be interested in knowing what file you have copied this code snippet from: where is this error spawning from, and what plugin does it belong to?