Ionic cordova admob plus plugin and package confusion

I am using this plugin “@awesome-cordova-plugins/admob-plus” for the admob service in my ionic app, but the docs ref to website which states for another package which is @admob-plus/ionic
Also cordova plugin name on ionic docs is “cordova-admob-plus” but its “admob-plus-cordova” on the admob plus docs website. here: Installation | AdMob Plus
the same website mentioned in the native page of the admob plus plugin on ionic website.
I am now confused about which one to use because first I tried the one inside @awesome-cordova-plugins/admob-plus but it has several APIs missing and is not very rich, and I got an error when trying to run Admob without adding > declare var admob on top of my component.
Plus is showing an error on ERROR TypeError: admob.on is not a function where on() method exist in the module.

Brief, I need to know which one is the correct package, note that I tried the second package (on the admob plus website) “@admob-plus/ionic” and the plugin of it, but it didn’t work with andoird app bundle when I install the apk the app shows white screen.
link to github issue:Ionic cordova app built as android app bundle doesn't work [Shows white screen] when admob-plus-cordova plugin is installed · Issue #512 · admob-plus/admob-plus · GitHub