Ionic connect to signalR in remote web api


i use web api to get information for ionic app.

i want connect to signalR to use notification.
i get error

my code is here

  $.connection.hub.url = localStorage.getItem('api-url') + 'signalr/hubs';

    $.connection.hub.start().done(function (data) {
        var notyHub = $.connection.notificationHub;
        notyHub.client.notify = function (model) {

        notyHub.client.console = function (text) {

hub is started but when i want call notify in server side get me error

webSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:35729/livereload' failed: WebSocket opening handshake timed out


What is this? Where does it come from?[quote=“wildwolf2015, post:1, topic:96832”]
i want connect to signalR to use notification.

What does that mean?[quote=“wildwolf2015, post:1, topic:96832”]

What is this? Where does it come from?

And as always: What is your ionic info output?


$.connection.hub.url = 'http://localhost:8680/signalr/hubs';

this is for connect to web api signalr


(You should update your CLI and app-scripts by the way… no harm)

You didn’t answer any of my questions yet. I don’t know where the object in code comes from, what Signalr actually is etc. You have to provide context to the code that is throwing an error.


signalR like socket but for C# web api. in c# im using signalR to send real time notification for users.
in client side i connect to myhub (signalR hub name) and when server send notification for user show notification