Ionic conference app, adding new page, unable to link to it

I am coming across a strange problem with the ionic conference app.

I recently started a new project with the conference app as the starter template.

I added a new page under the pages folder, added dependencies to app.module.ts, and added the new page as another item in the loggedInPages and loggedOutPages interfaces. All fine and good, no errors.

Then when I try to navigate to this new page while running the app, I run into the “Didn’t set nav root” error.

      this.nav.setRoot(, params).catch((err: any) => {
        console.log(`Didn't set nav root: ${err}`);

Any insight into what I may doing wrong?

Reason for bad link?
Magic string in the app.module.ts for “name” under “links” was not matching the “name” in the PageInterface(s).
Typescript of no use with magic strings.