Ionic Collection-Repeat margin


I recently updated all of my ng-repeats to collection-repeats to improve my performance when viewing alot of items in a list.
I’m happy with the performance increase but I’m not pleased with the way the collection-repeat styles my elements.
My major concern is that the margin-right style seems to be ignored completely yet the left one stays the same. Also I’m forced to set my item-width >50% if I wish to only get a listview which leads to unpleasant views when changing the screen size… (100% is fine if the margin wouldn’t get ignored)

Is there a way to force the margin-right style onto the collection repeat? My app is looking way off without it

The screenshots will make the case more clear:

This is the view with the margins (using a ng-repeat)

This is the view with the left margin but not the right margin? (using collection-repeat)
As you can see the view isn’t symmetrical and just unpleasant to see

Hi, did you manage to solve this?. I am facing the same problem. Also, you appear to be using a thumbnail card… How is the HTML code that allows to add the thumbnail?.

Thanks in advance