Ionic cloud this.user.get erroring with "supplied paramaters do not match ..."

I’ve got this piece of code

    this.userData.role = this.user.get('currentrole');
    this.userData.ffanumber = this.user.get('ffanumber');
    this.userData.userDetail = this.user.get('userDetail');
    this.userData.contact1 = this.user.get('contact1');
    this.userData.contact2 = this.user.get('contact2');

According to the docs it should work fine (this.user is User from @ionic/cloud-angular)

Doc’s say that the get takes a key: string, with an optional default as the 2nd param.

I set these values in another component, but the get doesn’t seem to like it.

The TSlinter doesnt let me build past this.

If i add the default then it lets me do it, though the default should be optional.