Ionic cloud push notification works intermittently

The ios device token is registered
But,ionic cloud push notification stop receiving notification from few days ago.

I have used following code
//check whether it is device or desktop mode
if (‘cordova’)) { // <<< is Cordova available?
this.push.register().then((t: PushToken) => {
return this.push.saveToken(t);
}).then((t: PushToken) => {
//return success token

        //handle push 
          .subscribe((msg) => {
          let postID = msg.payload["category"];
             //Goto feed page with arg
   , {postId:postID});


Is there any internal restriction for number of push message per device?

A quick response would be greatly appreciated. I have found another bug.

When I click view on the ionic cloud push page it will display the following.

Nothing to see here…
This notification may still be processing, try back again later

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