Ionic Cloud Push Notificatio - Notification Id (notId)

In Ionic Cloud Push Notification, I didn’t find any option to send notId with push notification like message and title. For that notId is always 0 when I send push notification through ionic cloud ( ) for phonegap-plugin-push and in notification bar only last push notification is shown in Android. But I need to show all notification. Is there any way to send notId?

Hi @math10,
You can insert “notId” into “data” in “android”. Such as:

  "tokens": ["token"],
  "profile": "certificate",
  "notification": {
    "title": "Hihi",
    "message": "Hello world!",
    "android": {
    	"data": {
            "title": "Test 2",
            "message": "is it working",
            "notId": "1"
    "ios": {
      "title": "Howdy",
      "message": "Hello iOS!"      
    "payload": {
      	"title": "Hi Android 1",
      	"message": "This is a message from payload."


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