iOnic Cloud dont use the newest version

I’m really frustrated because of the package command don’t work as it should.
I uninstalled my project, cloned it again, run ionic clear, etc. but when I download the generated apk or ipa, I can’t see any changes.
When I run my app with ionic run android or run ios, I can see my changes.

Maybe you can help me out

Ok, just to check that I understood you correctly:

  1. You are using Ionic Cloud Package to build your app. Android or iOS or both?
  2. The generated app doesn’t match your local state by is an older version of your app, correct?

What exactly are you calling on the command line?

Yes I build iOS and Android.
Local I have build Version 1.0.1 but the cloud gives me always 1.0.0 after my package commands.

ionic package build android --profile prod --release
ionic package build iOS --profile prod --release

I never had problems like that in other projects.

Does calling these commands create new entries in the “Deploy” tab of your project?
(ionic package build should upload a current version of your app that gets added to “Deploy” and then create a new build using the most recent one of these)

Yes I did this command multiple times and also ionic upload

In the iOnic View app I can see my 1.0.1 version.

This is a really wired problem

No, if you execute ionic package build does it, at that minute and second, create a new entry in the Deploy list?