Ionic-cloud auth, no info for user


I managed to login to google using ionic-cloud. My implementation is very basic using the docs. This is my configuration:

const cloudSettings: CloudSettings = {
  'core': {
    'app_id': XXXX'
  'auth': {
    'google': {
      'webClientId': 'XXXXX',
      'scope': ['profile','email']

First of all, the login happens in the web form, not through the native login.
Second, the user.details are empty. It seems the application doesn’t get any data back. When I look at the ionic console, I see the login user information though.
Do I need to fetch the user information in another step? I thought after logging in, it is going to automatically injected into my class.


After a few hours of trying, still no luck with this thing. Can some one please help me here?


I think you need to post more code – like your login flow, for instance – for people to be able to help you.