Ionic CLI Not showing progress

New Ionic CLI, not showing the progress like cordova commands for plugin add, platform add, run build npm install,etc, it is showing a spinner /running command

I was having a similar issue, although it would fail eventually. The problem was with the latest version of npm. Downgrading to the latest 4.x version fixed it for me.

What exactly did show “progress” before?
Possible you are referring to the default output of npm while npm install? That changed with npm 5.

when you run cordova run android, it will start building and show the progress (whats happening behind the scenes).

but if you run ionic cordova run android it will just show the ‘/Running command’ with a spinner. some time we do not understand whether its working or not, many times i had to stop the command and rerun,
so my point is when run with ‘ionic’ command, enable the outputs in the command window like normal cordova comands,

see the screenshots

  1. ionic cordova run android output

  2. cordova run android output showing the output in the cli

i hope you understand

I do understand now.

Was this different before?

(I think this would be a feature request for Ionic CLI at

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