Ionic cli. daily.. automatic upload?

I would like to automate the upload of our app… e.g. running “ionic upload” from a program? To provide a ‘daily’ build to our testers… Is something like that possible ?


If you are using a CI like Travis or CircleCI you can make this a part of your build process. I wrote a blog post about the process here:

Here’s the part most important to your question, update either your circle.yml or travis.yml to include the following build steps:

    branch: development
        - npm install -g cordova ionic
        - ionic upload --email $IONIC_EMAIL --password $IONIC_PASSWORD

Notice the 2 variables $IONIC_EMAIL and $IONIC_PASSWORD, these are setup in the respective CI config within the project settings, NEVER make the values of these variables public in a public repo.

The same can also be achieved if you are using Bamboo, Jenkins or any other CI, can you tell me more about your current setup and if you are using a CI server?


for some reason when I upload via circleCI the CSS are not copied…

Any ideas ?


Hi, how do you get the WWW generated on the build server (it is not checked in and is in the .git ignore folder).

On my BitBucket Pipeline YAML build server I have:

  • npm install -g cordova ionic
    - npm i
    #- ionic serve --nobrowser --nolivereload //Never stops - need some other way to get WWW folder
    - ionic upload --email $IONIC_EMAIL --password $IONIC_PASSWORD