Ionic CLI 3.17.0

Can I get some direction here, I’m at 3.16.0 and 3.17.0 Scares me because I’m not sure the direction this is going.

Dropping Cordova?? As a recent member to this great frame work, Cordova seemed to be a Must?

So, if someone from the great ionic team just give a small set of instruction on maintaining current Cordova/Angular base, while continue to update to latest.

from change log

> 3.17.0 (2017-11-07)

    ionic start is now using the starters generated from the new Ionic Starters repo, which supports approved community starters.

    Cordova integration is no longer included for new apps (new apps won't have config.xml or resources/). The CLI will download these files and integrate the app with Cordova when requested, which can be with the new ionic integrations commands, or whenever ionic cordova commands are first used.

    Fixed spammy connection errors related to DevApp broadcasting.

They’re not dropping Cordova, so much as just not assuming that you want Cordova by default. I’d imagine this is because of them trying to support PWA more and the like.

So it just means that with new apps it won’t have the Cordova plugin for the Ionic CLI, but as soon as you need cordova commands it’ll go and download it.

To clarify a bit more, commands like, ionic cordova plugin add or ionic cordova build android utilize the Cordova integration plugin for the Ionic CLI, so once you use one of those commands it’ll download the integration plugin.

Thank you for the reply and clarification

ps. I feel like i need to lay on a couch when responding to you :wink: