Ionic caching!

No matter what I do, ionic just caches HTML and it is really frustrating experience for any developer. Even if I remove the element, kill ionic and restart ionic in the browser it just does not display the new elements added in the app via ionic serve.
I have cleared by browser cache million times and the fact that the same code works correctly in a new system (computer) indicates that ionic is doing some internal caching of templates.
Can anyone point me how to clear ionic cache ?

Close the browser. Easy peasy.

Use an incognito mode on your browser. I often do that and it works just fine.

Already did but it does not refresh.

Yes, I tried the incognito mode too

I think it is more likely that the browser does not recognise that the html file has changed - try adding (or removing) some extra blank lines to the file or auto reline the html.

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This is the only thing that solves the problem. Sorry I forgot to update earlier.

@JAR19 can u please suggest me the solution for this

Perhaps it is time to look at using another framework which gives you finer control over the UI - flutter seems to be a good choice - I have been using it for a few weeks and I am very happy with it.

@JAR19 Thanks for your quick reply, so this isn’t possible using ionic framework ? In future can we expect this kinda feature in ionic? because of this slider i can’t shift the whole project to flutter

Try looking for a Angular slider - after all it is HTML you can use whatever you want within the Ionic page.

I usually open the Developer Tools in Chrome and check Disable cache on the Network page. Then I just reload the page and all html and js files are downloaded from the server.

what i needed is to control the slider depends upon the swipe velocity can u share me an exact demo ? i didn’t find code for swipe velocity :frowning: