Ionic build/run browser or android -> plugins are missing


I’m struggling with setting up the environment for an Ionic app using Cordova v5.0.

$ ionic platform list
Installed platforms: android 3.6.4, browser 3.5.2.

$ ionic plugin list
com.ionic.keyboard 1.0.4 "Keyboard" 0.1.4 "Windows Azure Mobile Services"
org.apache.cordova.console 0.2.13 "Console"
org.apache.cordova.device 0.3.0 "Device"
org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser 0.6.0 “InAppBrowser”

$ ionic build browser => build is done ok.
$ ionic build android => build is done ok

Now, when I go to “platforms\browser\www\plugins” I only have keyboard and device plugin.

Why Azure plugin is not available there? or InAppBrowser?
Is there a special command to run when adding plugins to and Ionic project? I added the Azure and InAppBrowser using the commands below:
$ ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser
$ ionic plugin add

Also, when I build for Android platform and emulate -> the plugins are loaded ok BUT when I put the apk on my phone (Galaxy SII 4.2.2) I get WindowsAzure is not defined which means that the plugin was not loaded ok.

Do I need to add something in the config.xml file?
I don’t see there any references for any of the above plugins.

Please help, I’m kind of newbie for this one. On another laptop I installed VS2015 and the builds are done ok but I would like to be able to work with command-prompt.

Thanks alot!

This is how cordova_plugins.js file looks.
It seems that “” it’s not in the exports sections…

cordova.define(‘cordova/plugin_list’, function(require, exports, module) {
module.exports = [
“file”: “plugins/com.ionic.keyboard/www/keyboard.js”,
“id”: “com.ionic.keyboard.keyboard”,
“clobbers”: [
“file”: “plugins/org.apache.cordova.device/www/device.js”,
“id”: “org.apache.cordova.device.device”,
“clobbers”: [
“file”: “plugins/org.apache.cordova.device/src/browser/DeviceProxy.js”,
“id”: “org.apache.cordova.device.DeviceProxy”,
“runs”: true
module.exports.metadata =
“com.ionic.keyboard”: “1.0.4”,
“org.apache.cordova.console”: “0.2.13”,
“org.apache.cordova.device”: “0.3.0”,
“org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser”: “0.6.0”,
“”: “0.1.4”