Ionic build --prod stuck at "copy finished in"


Thank You so much. you saved my time slight_smile:


Didn’t work for me :cry:


when i am trying build app, Same Error has occurred,but i used given command.
ionic cordova build android --release
This is correct or not,I don’t know,Please try it,Thank you!


Isso funcionou pra mim tmb


Worked for me…! Thanks!


Hi, i have the same problem to build my PWA, so, i try to replace ionic cordova build browser --prod by

ionic cordova build browser --aot --minifyjs --minifycss --optimizejs --release

And it also freeze. I noticed that when i remove --oprimizejs flag the build process finish successfully so it seems that optimization process provides an issue during building process with --prod flag.

My problem is that without optimization process, the server does not detect changes in my PWA and i must always double cache clean my browser to see my modifications…