Ionic Blank Screen


I created an application that works fine using web view but when I downloaded the application on my android galaxy A5 i got a blank screen with the blue positive header. What do I do ? I tried to checking syntax. I don’t know what to do.

You should post some more info to specific to to your project, like what modules you are using, etc…

Having said, I would check the order of the files in your index.html, sounds like files might not be loading properly for some reason.

One possibility is that your app is trying to connect to a domain that has not properly been whitelisted. You an use the cordova whitelist plugin for this. Not doing so would prohibit a file from running that needs to be downloaded from a server.

Also, If you haven’t already done so see how your app runs in browser with the chrome debugging tool. This might show warnings, that would break the app when run on a device, but not webveiw.