Ionic beta:14 doesn't route

Again, with out looking at some code, I can only speculate what the issue could be.

But what you could do is place this in the controller for the map view.

$scope.$on('$ionicView.enter', function(){

@mhartington Mike, the resize() did not work, but…

I read your blog about navigating. I rebuild the map template and sidemenu like you told in that blog. Now I understand what you ment about how navigation should work. Guess what. The apps now works. At least very much better. It seems all problems with drawing the map are gone. I cross my fingers and hope this is the solution.

I was too optimistic. It is much better now. But sometimes the map is not completely rendered if I zoom in or out. For all on Android devices. Even worse is that the is not working anymore on my Samsung phone. After the splashscreen is hides a black screen. I’ll make a small version to see if it is about the structure of the app or maybe the size. And I’ll try to make a codepen.