Ionic beginner, error not detect, empty field

hello and have a good day. I just learned ionic lately and l learn this tutorial i hope my project will be like this

but i get a problem

  1. my view is still empty and I carefully follow every step given, where is my mistake?
  2. in my visual studio code no brolem detect so I am confused where the error is? thanks before!

thanks before :slight_smile:


picture as are not so good to see something.

Better post related code. You can use the possiblities of the editor on this site.
Check what http.get contains.

Also it is maybe not a good idea posting keys.

Best regards, anna-liebt

can i upload my project (in rar/zip) in here? I dont know where the location of the error so that I can do maybe just upload my project here hoping to find a solution

Please don’t be lazy.

my visual studio code nothing detect the error so i have no clue where the error is :frowning:

I will take a look to my glasball. It suspect that, what ever you show in your page is bound to data. It suspect that data comes from the function getweather.

Deliever this function datas your are expect? No, then dig here deeper.
Yes, then post how your data looks and how it is bound to your page.

Maybe you can also take a look to the github repo.

Best regrdas, anna-liebt