Ionic Background Geolocation Crashing


Hello everyone!

Can anyone confirm if url or syncUrl configuration parameters work? After attempting to run my app with those parameters, it is crashing the second the background geolocation instantiates. I am uploading the coordinates to a private web server, is the only solution to put code similar to write … ?

			.subscribe((location) => {
				if(location.latitude && location.longitude){"user", "location", {lat:, lng: this.lng});
					this.backgroundGeolocation.finish(); // FOR IOS ONLY					
			(err) => {

I was wondering if there was any change in battery usage between using the url or syncurl configuration options versus writing the code in the subscribe section? If it is executing an ajax request isn’t it having to instantiate the web server that runs ionic framework every time?

Looking for guidance, if anyone can assist.