Ionic Auth down?

Anyone else having errors with Auth/Cloud?

Getting “Unsuccessful HTTP response” and a number of other issues from the same code that was successfully working yesterday… Status says all is fine…

I have been getting them extensively. My internet connection is just fine but I can’t test my app because I can’t log in or create a new account. I can get to the dashboard on the Ionic site and work accounts there, but not through my app. It started periodically last night for me and it’s still doing it this morning.

I’m facing issues as well for both login and registration. The request times out and I get thrown a 503 error.

Is this something that happens a lot or is this very isolated occurrence? Are there throttling steps in place to keep one IP from making too many calls? Or is the service just flakey in nature? I need to know now before I get too far into relying on the service for a large part of my infrastructure.

I’ve only just started using it, but am honestly moving over to Firebase because I’ve had a few issues which have taken more than a couple of days to resolve. Cloud is still in beta, I believe. I am sure it’ll be great when released, but for me it’s been quite unreliable.

also when i tried to access cloud database, I got:

Authorization header is malformed; JWT could not be extracted.